Katherine (corsetsnpearls) wrote in scarborough_tx,

War Horse Productions@ Scarborough 2010 NEED PEOPLE!

I just got off the phone with Barbara of War Horse Productions!
I am going to be a Lady Rider out there, and they are looking for at least one more (17/18+) female to ride in the shows. It is preferable (but not required) that you have riding experience. They work with Reining trained Draft horses.

They are also looking for about 4 squires, I am pretty sure that it is a paid position (you'll have to confirm with them). They are looking for males and females 16+.

I believe that they also have Horse Rides and will need someone (either a lady rider to do the shows and horse rides) for that. It is a paid position.

If interested, or know of someone who might be, here is the War Horse Productions contact info:


PS. War Horse Productions does full contact jousting, and they used to be out at Scarborough many moons ago and are VERY excited about coming back. I squired for them in 2002 & 2003 out at Louisiana Renaissance Faire. GREAT GUYS! This whole thing is bittersweet for me as Bryan Beard & crew from Noble Cause Productions will not be out this season. I will miss them!
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