This is me (lilchickadee) wrote in scarborough_tx,
This is me

Long time lurker, first time poster, etc.

Sadly, I'm actually also a lurker at Scarby. I go rather frequently, but still haven't put any garb together. This Memorial Day weekend, I've actually managed to convince my dad to come with the two kiddos and me to Scarby (which, if you know my dad is no small feat). I have two questions for you fine folk:

Is the special Memorial Day parade (you know, where they invite veterans to march in the Parade and such) only on Memorial Day Monday, or do they have the Memorial Parade each day of closing weekend? I can't recall.

Knowing my dad, we will probably only be there for a few hours, and I want to make sure that we hit shows that will really impress him. In your opinion, what shows are can't miss and might draw him back in for next year?

ETA: I'm a dunce. Kiddos are two, and not even one. So, age appopriateness doesn't matter much at this point of the game. Heck, the big one saw Iris and Rose at both Scarby and TRF before she was one. And she was once part of Christophe the Insulter's incentive for a "horrible, terrible, nasty insult" toward the end of his show.
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