MoiraCoon (moiracoon) wrote in scarborough_tx,

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I wanted to thank everyone for all of your help last week in getting the word out about my feast gear/garb closet clean out. I especially want to express my appreciation to all of my IWG sisters who shared the info with their locals and SCAdians who directed first time Pennsic attendees my way. I’m very grateful for your kindness. Not only will I be able to get my car fixed, I’ll also be able pay off several other lurking bills that weren’t a part of my budget.

I’m down to my last few boxes, but I still have some goodies up for auction. Right now, I have a sz XL burgundy and navy Morsesca bodice, a pair of nearly new men’s sz 12 ghillies from Dream Shoes, several pairs of boots, and more, if anyone is still looking for garb/gear for upcoming faires and events.

Thank you again,
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