May 23rd, 2008

Don't Panic

I am so mad....

F*****************@*@*@@* They (azamon's work, Progressive IT-temp agency, working for Fujitsu) have screwed </a></b></a>azamon over AGAIN!!!!!!! (azamon, fyi, is george/tapster from FOF)

Last year they made him work memorial day (the one day of faire he wants to be at the MOST). This year HE JUST GOT TOLD, he HAS to be there on MEMORIAL DAY again. I am so flipping angry i am SICK & about to cry.

He requested it and was approved MONTHS ago. Not to mention this company BARELY let him take thanksgiving and REFUSED to let him have Christmas. He is working as a manager/senior/team lead and NOT getting paid for it. He has been there 2 years with the promise of getting hired on after 90 days. WHAT THE HELL. He is a VETERAN, and I know you VETS out there know how important  & special Memorial Day at faire is.... This HURTS BAD.

DEAR GODS. Any one ANYWHERE in D/FW know of a place , doing just about anything (cus he really can do just about anything) for 15$ an hour (what he makes now) or hell, maybe even less if the job is worth it. 13 an hour i think is the least he can go, to still be able to pay bills.....

Oh yea, and he had to beg plead and scrape just to get the weekends off for Faire Season.


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