April 30th, 2008

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What are your favorite faire foods? Why?

My favorite foods at Scarby are:
Crown Kitchen Rogue sandwich - I think it's the best value in quantity, quality, and flavor for the price.
Italian Kitchen calzones - Portable, balanced(ish) nutrition, tasty, and affordable!
Royal Kitchen Stuffed Spuds - a punch of starch at the end of the day to keep me awake on the way home.

and of course, I'm a sucker for the Itallian Ice. It keeps me cool and keeps my sugars up on long hot days. Also, since my favorite flavor is strawberry, I get free lipstick out of the deal too! ;o}

I used to love the Steak on a Steak, too, back when it was still about 2-3 dollars each. :/

What are your favorite snacks, most affordable munchies, and best tasting meals?