April 14th, 2008

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About 30 min after closing cannon on opening weekend Sunday, I handed George (azamon )my belts, skirt and tartan sash so i could get a friend to pop my back. One of the belts never made it home!!! It is a wide black belt with double buckles. Here is a picture of me wearing it last year. I had 2 fox tails attached to the belt (one with a leather snap and the other on a chain):

As you can see, it is a relatively small belt. It fits me perfectly... I would greatly appreciate if you guys put the word out among cast (if someone picked it up) and vendors... I will be pretty well pissed if someone made a Ground Score off of my stuff. That belt is what i use to hold my skirt up! It was either dropped inside the gates or on the way out to the car. This was WAY after the patrons left. So if anyone did pick it up, it would be Staff, Grounds Crew, Cast or a Vendor.

I just called the office about 20 min ago and they said nothing had been turned in, so please please please keep an eye out for it. I was told to call security if i saw anyone wearing it. I can only hope that someone will be honest enough to bring it back if they have it. Or say something if they saw someone wearing it.
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