February 27th, 2008

sexy snape

The Other Boelyn Girl

I'm not sure how many people from the royal troupe we have on livejournal nor do I know you personally (although It would be fantastic) but I wanted to give a huge thank you and shout out to the numerous scarborough actors including the king and anne boelyn for attending tonight's special screening for The Other Boelyn Girl. I work at the Studio Movie Grill over in Dallas in the box office and I have to say it was such a delight watching the festivities including the photoshoots. The movie was sold out (in 2 theatres) large in part thanks to Scarborough's publicity and I can't recall who all I spoke with but I would like to apologize for not knowing any of your names (even though you were all in-character). I know photos were taken tonight, and I'm wondering how do I go about obtaining a copy?

...I must confess I've wanted to be in the acting cast for quite sometime now but have never had the courage to apply. As always I'm looking foward to this year's opening.
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