July 26th, 2005


Huckster honey

In an effort to simplify my basement (and to get new struts put on the Courtesan Carriage, my Escort station wagon), I’ve taken on the daunting task of whittling down my feast gear and costuming collection in earnest. Sorting through just my feast gear stash, I realized that I had enough gear to throw a dinner party for an invading army *laughs*. Hence, I currently have an incredibly HUGE amount of stuff posted on eBay. Since I know many of us are gearing up for our summer/autumn faires and Pennsic, I thought I’d give a general shout out about these auctions. I have a real cross-section of items, collected over the years from artisans and estate sales and faire merchants, so it’s an interesting mix. I should also mention that I do offer a shipping discount on the purchase of multiple items, if you wish to assemble a gear kit of your own.

On to the auctions…

(Incidentally, I still have a sizable amount of stuff to post, so please keep checking back over the next few days!)

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