August 27th, 2004

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hey, we're looking for artists to help us decorate at the ScareGrounds! We also still want people who are interested in helping with final touches on our smaller Monster Maze....I know there are VERY TALENTED people here!! why not try something a little different, and very creepy!!
this is not a dark hall and trash bag event!

if you have a talent for creepy and evil...we want you! oh...btw...WE HAVE A SUSPENSION ACT!!! WOO HOO!!! and.......A REAL LIVE FREAK SHOW ON SPECIFIC THURSDAYS!! MORE info coming soon on the site!!! joint the mailing list for ALL ACCESS info! we have TV Stars coming, glass eaters, razor blade eaters, and much, much more!!! did i mention burlesque girls?

here is our site

use the comments form to contact us!!
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