April 20th, 2004


The biggest damn fabric store I've ever seen!

I went to check out the Jo Anne's on Preston and Forest in Dallas yesteday on my way home from work. I figured I'd just be a minute since I was only looking for canvas material and not needing garb fabric. and then Jeez Louise! I walk in and there's an escalator in there!!! I have never been to a fabric shop with two stories before. Now grated, all the fabric is upstairs and the down stairs is littered with Michael's/ Hobby Lobby esque crafts, but Still! I did find my canvas, but only in the art aisle for $40 for a 3 foot roll. I don't think that will work. I don't need canvas treated for art, I just need plain old canvas. Anyone have any ideas as to where I could get some canvas?
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i've been sitting here in missouri wishing that this semester of uni would just hurry up and be over. i want to come to faire! memorial day weekend seems so far off, and i'm feeling the weather thing how nice it would be walking around faire, my wings tinkling with bells. damn out of state schools!
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