April 19th, 2004


What a good time, now I'm so tired!

Well, unhappily, I didn't get a parking pass along with my season pass due to it being highway robbery. But I found out that Glenn goes nearly every weekend and so we can hitch a ride with hime since we all end up meeting each other out there anyways and he has a royal pass.

We met some good friends from my home town out ther and my boyfriend finally got to bond withthem. Boy, that's such a sigh of relief! Every time he has been in contact with those friends, he has either been sick or just really not feeling very sociable so they all thoguht he was standoffish and were not impressed. This weekend, they got to see the man, that I adore. yay!

I got insulted by Christoff, for the second year in a row. And Damn, he's funny! And my friends wedding picture was the one in the program advertising the Scarby weddings. It was a great pic of them! As soon as Michael or Glenn posts the pics we took of us this weekend, I'll post the link.

Oh yeah, and if any of you live near the Texarkana TX/AR area, My friends Laura and Elizabeth are vending corsets, garb and jewelry at the Jump, Jive and Jam festival next weekend. Laura just does beautiful work! And I saw one of Elizabeth's handflowers this weekend, and they are great as well. Maybe one of these days they'll get it together and get a booth at Scarby.

Well, TTFN, I may see you guys out next Sunday.
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great internet music

As rennies, a good chunk of us have an appreciation for classical music seeing that Renaissance music IS classical. But there never seems to be any stations that play renaissance music. I have found one. I've been listening to Magnatunes.com from my itunes music player. They play a range from Baroqe to Choral to Renaissance music. The only thing it lacks is the fast country type music that you can get on Irish music stations. I've really enjoyed listening to it and is Ever so work friendly. I just wanted to share my find with everyone. Are there any other internet music stations that you guys have found to play Rennie music? The only other one I can think of is Redhawk radio and I havne't listened to that station in a long time.
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