April 17th, 2004

animated butterfly

Please someone ...

Ride with me to scarbi tomorrow? I have VIP parking and gas in my car etc....i just dont wanna go alone - but be warned im going to be wearing jeans cuz my dress isnt done.

cant live two weeks without scarbi---MUST GO....PLEASE ANYONE WANT TO RIDE WITH ME FROM DALLAS?

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Yah, so much for working at Scarborough Faire. No car + family trouble = a season pass with no use and a very pissed off Bailey. Could someone tell Raven I'm sorry? A lot is going on, and I can't control ANY of it. :\

where is my towel?

Okay, everything has been fixed. :) Come visit us. lol. :) Fondle our pewter!!! ;) Anyway, all is good with Bailey and Sydney. Thanks Cassandra for bringing up the cd. Sorry I wasn't there when you brought it. On a break I do believe.. Oh, how was everyone's day? Mine was lovely and I can't wait until tomorrow!. I so want to become a rennie. ;) Love you guys, hope to see you tomorrow.
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    the cd! :D