April 13th, 2004


Lelu Dallas, Multipass!!!!

Well, crap! What with all the house hunting during the Scarby pre-sale, qlippoth and I forgot to order our Multi passes (aka, Royal passes). Oh well, a friend of mine said he bought one at the gate last year, so I'm crossing my fingers. If not, then it looks like little ole Maggie's getting up at the crack of dawn to get a good space if I can't hitch a ride with a multipass bearer. but I t makes me a little sad that on my first outing I won't be able to thrust my pass out the window and defiantly scream "Multipass!!!!" at the faire parking director persons. *sigh* That's half the fun and excitement before getting in the faire, well, that and emerging from the car in my rennie underwear and clothing myself with the droves of other half naked ppl in the parking lot. There's just something beautiful about that. And I remember when I was single it was fun because it gave me my first glimpse of the eye candy to come inside the gates. Ahhh, I love the faire! And I can't wait until Sunday! Tonight I will be working furiously on my garb. Yay!
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