April 9th, 2004


Almost there...

Greetings all, I don't think I've said hello since I joined this community. I've only left replys here and there. I really hope I don't get called into work tomorrow because if not, I'm going to opening day at Scarby. I think the last time I went to opening weekend it was cold and raining. I'm spending my day off today making a new outfit for tomorrow. Well that's the goal, who knows if it will happen.

Who else is as tickled as me that Scarby is tomorrow?

FWI Here's a pick of me on the camp grounds at TRF. Collapse )

pook pook pook!

OPENING DAY IS TOMORROW! everybody should come visit me at the drink place in West Market (I think that's what it's called...over by the mud pit and whatnot?) and give me massive amounts of tips so I can afford gas to drive home!!1 =D
And, if you can't make it tomorrow, at least go Sunday, because there will be Easter egg hunts, and we all know how fun those are! |
I am done.
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