April 7th, 2004


Excitement ensues!

yay! My boning finally came in! After a mishap and then the tounglashing that was duly deserved to the US postal service, I finally got my boning. I had to send it to my work address, but oh well, all that matters is it'shere. I already peeked inside the box and got all excited about finishing my little corset. but I fear that my busk my be too long. Oh well, I won't really know until I get home and start fiddling with it. And I bought some of that fake whalebone stuff too, just in case I ended up needing custom size bones. It comes in a roll just like the plastic featherweight. I'll let everybody know how well it holds up after several wears. But I'm sure it eill do fine since I am putting steele boning in as much of the corset as I can. yay!!!!!! And since we're not going this weekend, it just might be completely finished for my first Scarby outing afterall. Oh the excitement! Tee hee, I'm so excited i can't stop talking about it.

OK, I'll shut up, really. I will. Ta ta!
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