February 29th, 2004


Hello all. I'm new here. I'm Nixxi. I'm 21 & from Tyler, Texas. I went to the faire 2 years ago. I saw the Corsairs on St. Patrick's Day. I was raining that day so the Rogues didn't play much. I was so ecstatic. I missed it last year because my car was broke down. I can't wait this year. I'm bringing a whole bunch of people to experience it for the first time.

I was wanting to know if any one had a pattern for some wrap pants for my pirate outfit I want to do. I have looked online & no dice. I don't want to wear blue jeans like a dork. It's not that extravagant of a costume. I was a faery before, but my wings got all messed up.

To the faire, I wore a skirt though. That was at Halloween.
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    The Corsairs - Green Fields of France