February 15th, 2004


New to board, but old to Scarby

Hi everyone, I'm new on this board so I figured I'd introduce myself. I've been going to Scarby since aorund 1998, but I've been going to TRF since 1996. xdragonladyx is one of my Ren Faire buddies as is kelticeyes. We all make our own garb as best to our amature abilities, although I must say that xdragonladyx makes the best faery wings I have ever seen and I have been trying to convince her to sell them. I tried my hand at some dragon wings once and they looked good, but they had mechanical issues and never seemed to get re-made. Oh well. Now my new obsession is with making corsets. I am promising myself that I will actually get the boning, busk, and grommets for my black satin 1/2 corset that is already made besides those finishing factors. I am also promising myself that I will experiment with more period correct corsets is the very near future. At the present moment I have a little obsession with a non period dress that appeared in the movie Underworld. Ameliea's dress is just exquisite and I WANT it! I'm gonna attempt to make one, so everyone cross your fingers for me. but, any whoo, I'll quit babbling. Have fun preparing for the spring season!!!
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