January 22nd, 2004

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hello. i was invited to join this community, and i did even though i live in michigan and not texas. i have very little chance of ever being able to go to this faire because of that. we do have quite a nice faire up here, though, which is in a town called holly. but, the reason i did join is because I LOVE OWAIN PHYFE. i have all of his CDs but one, which is out of print at the moment. i will do anything for him. so here i am, for owain.

"ours is a world lit only by fire, driven from cradle to grave mostly by muscle. in squalor and filth, in superstition and injustice, our days are a paradox of longer hours... yet years that come more quickly."
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i am so excited... i have wanted to go to Scarborough Faire since i was a kid... yea i get to go this year...not sure what to wear but will check it out one day then see what i can find for future visits. can someone tell me a good place to look for midevil dresses/ gowns?? please!
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*wave* Hi!

Hi! I remember going to Scarborough as a little kid. When I was a teenager, I was a regular feature there for several summers, and some of my friends still have booths.
I now live in Pennsylvania and haven't been to fair in a couple years, but I thought I'd say hi! and share a picture.
This is one of my favorites, of a fire eater. I wish I remembered which stage. I believe this was taken in 98.
I also have a metric tonne of Corsairs picts if anyone is interested. Would take me a while to dig them all up, though some are already online and some on disks.
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Past Photos

Photobucket Album for Scarborough
I'm not sure if this will work or not. The link should put you into the photo album I have on Photobucket for Scarborough.
It's all thumbnails, so it's easiest viewed with the Slideshow option.
There are 58 photos in all.

My naming pattern is a descriptor, then the year, then the photo number. I didn't want to write out Corsairs... so they're just C (ex: C981 is photo 1 from 1998 of the Corsairs.)
These only go to 1999. 2000 is trapped in my online archive.

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Im so glad someone made a community for scarbi!! Alright whos the culprit who did it????

Okay Im asking for two things - someone who knows how to help me sew , and someone to actually hang out with me at faire(ALL day mostly sundays) and introduce me to the "important" people. Sooo as soon as I graduate I can make a character and join cast! That is my dream...
I am so lonely without someone to go to - my friends who were going with me moved away or I dont have contact with anymore. So someone want to be my friend for scarbi? Hey is anyone going to the Monday night dance classes for the folk dance at Walnut Hill Rec center? I never know if its still going on....


I forgot to add this earlier..

Who else loves E muzeki as much as me?
And who is getting a 'Friends of the Faire' pass?
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