January 21st, 2004

dancing and turning and kissing every faery knave

Wee! I can't wait until the faire! I need good patterns for a dress. Or shirt. Or pirate jacket. Or anything really...
One problem though..I haven't sewn in FOREVER with a machine, so I don't know if I can make anything I'd actually want to wear. :p I am saving my money for a Friends of the Faire pass. XD I could live at Scarborough Faire. Oh! If you can, go buy a cd by Väsen. They're Swedish folk music, but it's the best thing in the world to listen to on the way to the faire. Also, check out Jem Moore. http://www.jemmoore.com/ I think that's the website. :) He plays the hammer dulcimer at the faire.


pimp our community! lol. or not. :)
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