Hello, all!

I've been an attendee to Scarborough Faire for going on eight years now and I read that their yearly employment faire will be happening soon for ticket sales, ground crew, food service and the like. Does anyone know the average pay rate that they offer just in general for any of their non-specific positions? Since it would be quite the drive (but more than rewarding in so many other ways!) I find myself curious and daydreaming of how much fun it would be to work there. If this post is inappropriate though, please let me know to delete it or be deleted by a mod.

Thank you so much!
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The Lace Go Digital!

Queen Anne's Lace is proud to announce the addition of digital versions of our out-of-print and soon-to-be-out-of-print titles (i.e., Faire to Stormy Weather and Unlaced) to

Click here to go to our online shop!

This is perfect for those of you who are out of state and can't grab these limited edition items! It's also great for folks on a budget—just snag your favorite tracks and build your collection a song or two at a time.

All this just in time for the holidays... how convenient!

Also, be sure to mark your calendars for our first gig in 2010. We'll be back for Java Jive at Dunn Bros. Coffee in Addison (Belt Line at Marsh) on Sat. Feb. 6th @ 8pm. Hope you can make it... expect a special announcement!

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Long time lurker, first time poster, etc.

Sadly, I'm actually also a lurker at Scarby. I go rather frequently, but still haven't put any garb together. This Memorial Day weekend, I've actually managed to convince my dad to come with the two kiddos and me to Scarby (which, if you know my dad is no small feat). I have two questions for you fine folk:

Is the special Memorial Day parade (you know, where they invite veterans to march in the Parade and such) only on Memorial Day Monday, or do they have the Memorial Parade each day of closing weekend? I can't recall.

Knowing my dad, we will probably only be there for a few hours, and I want to make sure that we hit shows that will really impress him. In your opinion, what shows are can't miss and might draw him back in for next year?

ETA: I'm a dunce. Kiddos are two, and not even one. So, age appopriateness doesn't matter much at this point of the game. Heck, the big one saw Iris and Rose at both Scarby and TRF before she was one. And she was once part of Christophe the Insulter's incentive for a "horrible, terrible, nasty insult" toward the end of his show.
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New Swag & Pre Sale

Greetings, all!

We're so excited about another season at Scarborough! In fact, we've got another new design from our Cafe Press store that will be available this season! We had fun with the idea, and think you'll really like it.

Those of you who are Friends of Faire will get a sneak peek! We'll have the new shirts—and some other fun stuff, too!—available for pre-sale at the March 29th preview event.

The rest of you... well, make sure you find us opening weekend to check out the fun stuff!

Hope to see you soon!

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Queen Anne's Lace hits Panoptikon THIS FRIDAY

Your favorite multi-colored songstresses are tripping the gaslight fantastic Fri. Feb. 6th as part of Kinetoscope at Panoptikon: A Steampunk Cotillion. There's a great evening planned to celebrate Jules Verne's 181st birthday. Events include a fashion show for which QAL will be providing live entertainment.

It's an 18-and-up event which should be loads of fun. Hope you can make it (and take lots of pics to share)! For details, visit
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Scarby Crafters Note

House of Dra logo The end of an era (about a 25 year era).

I just talked to Dra. She won't be back at Scarborough this year.

She's sold her booth; someone else will be there (and not representing her).

So if you want any Dra, please see her at Irish Fest or order from her web site.

Please pass this along to whoever you know who usually buys from her at Scarby.

I also just purchased my Scarby tickets. In the middle of Winter, there is a brief glimmer of Spring (assuming, of course, it doesn't snow opening day again).
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Introducing a new site - Brigid's Rosary!

(crossposted from personal LJ)

If anyone has been looking for custom rosary/prayer beads, this is the lady to visit! The site is, and you'll find some wonderful pieces there. Her prices are very reasonable, and she uses quality materials like gemstones, crystal and art glass beads. Her rates for custom rosaries are very good, and she also does repair of vintage/heirloom rosaries as well!
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Scarby WoWers?

I think I remember hearing that a chunk of cast had characters on Cenarion Circle. I'm brand new to Wow and I'm all proud of my bright shiny new Draenei hunter named Shabaat. She's tiny and crunchy for now (lvl 3), but I'd love some friends to run with. Anyone interested in taking in a youngling? ;D