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Scarby Crafters Note

House of Dra logo The end of an era (about a 25 year era).

I just talked to Dra. She won't be back at Scarborough this year.

She's sold her booth; someone else will be there (and not representing her).

So if you want any Dra, please see her at Irish Fest or order from her web site.

Please pass this along to whoever you know who usually buys from her at Scarby.

I also just purchased my Scarby tickets. In the middle of Winter, there is a brief glimmer of Spring (assuming, of course, it doesn't snow opening day again).

Introducing a new site - Brigid's Rosary!

(crossposted from personal LJ)

If anyone has been looking for custom rosary/prayer beads, this is the lady to visit! The site is http://www.brigidsrosary.com, and you'll find some wonderful pieces there. Her prices are very reasonable, and she uses quality materials like gemstones, crystal and art glass beads. Her rates for custom rosaries are very good, and she also does repair of vintage/heirloom rosaries as well!

Scarby WoWers?

I think I remember hearing that a chunk of cast had characters on Cenarion Circle. I'm brand new to Wow and I'm all proud of my bright shiny new Draenei hunter named Shabaat. She's tiny and crunchy for now (lvl 3), but I'd love some friends to run with. Anyone interested in taking in a youngling? ;D

Seasonal Silliness

Wishing you and yours all things merry and bright this season. Please enjoy these musical holiday wishes made with all sincerity for a wonderful season.

The Charleston

Disco Fever

Laughter and light,
♥ The Lace ♥

Scarbi tix on sale!

Tickets for the 2009 Scarborough Renaissance Festival are NOW ON SALE just in time for the Holidays.

You can now BUY AND PRINT your tickets online (including group tickets). Tickets are available even while our office is closed for the holidays. Advance ticket prices are available through midnight March, 4, 2009.

Ticket prices are:
Friend of the Faire Membership $115 MARCH 5 AND AFTER $125 online or $135 at the gate.
Adult Season Pass $65 MARCH 5 AND AFTER $70 online or $75 at the gate.
Child season pass $17 MARCH 5 AND AFTER $17 online or $20 at the gate.
Single Day Adult $18.75 MARCH 5 AND AFTER $21.99 online and at the gate.
Single Day Child $7.50 MARCH 5 AND AFTER $8.50 online and at the gate.

Friend of the Faire membership includes unlimited attendance during the 2009 season, close-in parking, special Friend of the Faire gathering areas with water and Gatorade, a commemorative pin, a 10% discount on
souvenirs, two complimentary tickets good for either of the first two weekends for your friends or family members, a Friend of the Faire appreciation dinner and season preview on March 29 (the Sunday before we
open) and selected lodging discounts.
Remember, Scarborough tickets make excellent gifts! All of us here at Scarborough Renaissance Festival wish you HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
That's the Saturday BEFORE Thanksgiving, BTW. We're working on a couple new songs that should be ready for their big debut. And there's also a soopersekrit announcement about some fun and festive developments in LaceLand. Hope you can make it!


Scratch the Beggar posted a youtube vid

Looks like he's been busy...he linked to this work off his MySpace.


I was wondering if anyone knows the name of a harpist that performed at Scarborough Faire. Her first name was Sarah [I'm pretty sure], but I cannot remember her last name. I know she wrote some of her own songs, and she performed on the big bridge.
thanks! :)

Vids from Corsairs final show

A wonderful wonderful person has posted videos that he took of the final Corsairs show (thank singedcat for linkage); the index to all of them can be found here. I embedded my faves.

Read more...Collapse )

I am so mad....

F*****************@*@*@@* They (azamon's work, Progressive IT-temp agency, working for Fujitsu) have screwed </a></b></a>azamon over AGAIN!!!!!!! (azamon, fyi, is george/tapster from FOF)

Last year they made him work memorial day (the one day of faire he wants to be at the MOST). This year HE JUST GOT TOLD, he HAS to be there on MEMORIAL DAY again. I am so flipping angry i am SICK & about to cry.

He requested it and was approved MONTHS ago. Not to mention this company BARELY let him take thanksgiving and REFUSED to let him have Christmas. He is working as a manager/senior/team lead and NOT getting paid for it. He has been there 2 years with the promise of getting hired on after 90 days. WHAT THE HELL. He is a VETERAN, and I know you VETS out there know how important  & special Memorial Day at faire is.... This HURTS BAD.

DEAR GODS. Any one ANYWHERE in D/FW know of a place , doing just about anything (cus he really can do just about anything) for 15$ an hour (what he makes now) or hell, maybe even less if the job is worth it. 13 an hour i think is the least he can go, to still be able to pay bills.....

Oh yea, and he had to beg plead and scrape just to get the weekends off for Faire Season.